A. General Sim Rules

Whether you’re here to explore or roleplay – this applies to everyone.


1. By entering The Varuna Project, you agree to abide by the rules set forth here. Failure to read the rules is not an excuse. All Terms of Service as set forth by Linden Labs apply here, any violations will result in a warning or a ban. The rules can change at any time, when they do, it will be notified to the group. It is up to the players to be informed.

2. The use of obnoxious emotes, loud / offensive sound effects from an attachment/HUD/Gesture, offensive behavior, and any advertising or campaigning or recruiting for your product/sim will result in banning.

3. Player characters are permitted to be human or cybernetically altered human at character creation, and must look the part when on sim. (i.e. no furries, nekos, creatures, etc.) Anyone found to be breaking the avatar appearance guidelines will be asked to change or leave.

4. Keep your script count on your avatar below 100, and your bandwidth usage under 3MB. Need help in getting script usage and bandwidth?   Ask an admin.

B. Player Conduct

What we expect of you in terms of behavior and interpersonal conduct.

1. Real Life (RL) comes first. If someone needs to exit a scene for whatever reason, please respect Real Life needs of others. If, however, the player must exit active combat, the player does forfeit the fight.

2. Be courteous to your fellow players. Check your attitudes and shoulder-chips at the door. Regular rude, hostile, and unsportsmanlike behavior will result in banning. We operate on a ONE STRIKE system. We will give a warning once, repetetive troll-like behavior will result in banning. Take ya bullshit to the bullshit sims.

3. Taking interpersonal drama, insults, flaming, offensive discussion, complaints, politics/race/religion arguments, comments for shock value, and disputes to open chat or to group chat is not allowed. If you have an issue with an individual, take it up with them privately, airing your dirty laundry is considered in poor taste. Special Note: Admin will NOT get involved in or take sides on “personal” conflicts. We've got better things to do. Like roleplaying. You should, too.

4. If you find another player in violation of the rules, please report it to any admin. Conversely, “retaliation” against another player for reporting you is a ban-able offense. If you have violated the rules, own up to it and leave the reporting party out of it.

5. In Character (IC) Behavior Does Not Reflect Out of Character (OOC) Actions and Personalities. In The Varuna Project we have all manner of villains, thieves, crooks, liars, cheaters, whores and scoundrels. Anyone found to be disrespecting our antagonists due to their efforts to give us someone to hate In-Character will be given ONE warning and then immediately removed and banned from the sim on their second offense. We will embrace In-Character tension and conflict, and be respectful with one another out-of-character.


C. Roleplay Rules

The rules for when you are “in character”.

1. When you are on sim level, and are not wearing an AFK, OOC, or Observer tag, you are considered to be IN-CHARACTER, a.k.a “IC”, and available for roleplay. Keep your Out of Character chatter to a minimum, if you must, use ((brackets)) to denote OOC speech.

2. Privacy: Your roleplay may be interrupted. If you have a problem with this, seek out a secluded location. You have an entire ocean at your disposal.

3. Roleplay consent. By going in-character, you are subjecting your character to the environment around them. Your OOC consent is not required for your character to be maimed, kidnapped, etc. If you are uncomfortable with the direction a scene is going, please work it out OOC with the other players in the scene, or you may fade to black.

4. NO GOD-MODING. What is god-moding? It is when you roleplay in “god mode”. When you are in god-mode, you are posting actions without allowing for player response, determining the outcome of your actions upon others, and steering the roleplay to your desired outcome. To avoid this: every post you make MUST be an ATTEMPT and MUST allow for the option of response.

5. NO METAGAMING: What is meta-gaming? It is taking information that you, the player, have obtained, and using it in character as though your character knows it. If your character has no knowledge of it – it didn’t happen. Don’t Metagame. It’s bad RP.

Examples of Metagaming:

  • Using Radar

  • Hearing Through Walls

  • Using a Player's Profile

  • Knowledge Without Learning

  • Summoning Your Group as Backup

  • Using Alt Knowledge

6. NO POWER GAMING: Power gaming is over-inflating your character’s strengths, abilities, and powers to attain a desired outcome in roleplay. Every character must have faults, foibles, and weaknesses. Be realistic, check your ego at the door, and be prepared to lose sometimes. Your fellow players will respect you for it.

D. Character Rule

What you can and cannot do with your character itself.

1. All characters must be human without admin consent.

2.  No child avatars, no characters below the age of eighteen. 

3. Your avatar must fit our appearance standards, meaning, it must look as realistic as possible. Cartoonish avatars will not be permitted. This includes unrealistically inflated breasts, unrealistically huge penises or penis pouches, unrealistically large muscles, anime heads, gigantic prim eyes, implausible fur colors, cutesy /chibi / anime avatars, and random “parts” like furry neko ears that don’t belong. Cybernetic enhancements ARE permitted, however stat gains/losses related to those aesthetic enhancements must be approved by sim staff.

4. Nudity: Nudity is permitted in The Varuna Project, however erect or stimulated genitalia must be kept to private areas.

E. Rules of Engagement

When you fight, do it right!

1. The Varuna Project has a custom-designed game system which will be used in regular roleplay, combat, and game-master led scenes. For more info, see Combat.

2. Combat cannot exceed a 2:1 ratio and there is a cap of five (5) combatants on each side of a fight. Once combat has begun, other players may not join without consent from all parties. If all parties consent to the addition to the fight scene, new combatants join at the end of the post order.

3. Damage of Property: Any sort of major destruction of sim buildings/structures/areas needs pre-approval by Sim Staff. 

4. Breaking into headquarters: ALL Headquarters are guarded inside and outside by NPCs, locked gates, barricaded doors, and sometimes booby traps. You may enter an HQ if invited in or accompanied by a member of that group. You may not “sit-hack” your way into an HQ, and then claim you “broke in”. If it wasn’t roleplayed – it didn’t happen. It would take a lot of people, and a lot of force, and a lot of roleplay to break into any of the headquarters – and as such it is a rare occurrence. If you wish to stage a siege, get OOC consent with the leader of the HQ first.

5. Characters can die in The Varuna Project and there are game rules in place. If you, as a player, do not wish for your character to die, do not involve them in situations in which they could. Characters may always attempt to flee a scene if they are in over their heads, and once all hit points have been lost there are multiple options. For more information, see Combat.

6. The right to reasonable death: Every player has the right to decide if they wish to kill off their character or not – within reason. This means you cannot decide to die after a punch in the face.


F. Bannings


1. The following are immediate ban-able offenses:

  • Using TVP group or discord chats to stir up drama and conflict, or to offend people with shock value, especially on such topics as race, politics, and religion, a.k.a. “trolling”

  • Use of any copybot viewer

  • Shields and Pushers

  • Threatening to grief the sim

  • Making threats to physically harm any player, lead, or admin in real life.

  • Griefing tools of any kind including chat spies, and Ultima/Wishmaster HUDS

  • Malicious Scripts

  • Advertising your product/sim and/or poaching our players

  • Theft, forgery, and copybotting.

  • Being under the age of 18 in “real life”

  • Harassing Players, Trolling in Local Chat, general griefing.

  • Repeatedly doing that which an admin has asked you not to do.

2. If you have been banned and wish to petition for access to the sim again, contact Sim Staff. No one else may petition on your behalf.

3. Unless you have committed any of the offenses listed in Rule F1, you will be given a formal warning first which are usually followed by a ban if the rules are broken again.