Below are the sim-supported factions. Player-created factions are welcomed and encouraged, however for ease of story management, it is preferred that they are a sub-faction of one of the primary three.


Born from the previously secret underbelly of The Varuna Project, the Science Division continues to innovate and push the boundaries of science even as they develop new ways to survive and thrive at the bottom of the sea. In time, it is the hope that their work will make recolonizing the surface a possibility sooner rather than later. It is from this faction that people enjoy new cybernetics and genetic engineering as well as medical expertise.  


NANTEC relies on the Corpos for new and custom parts for their work while the Scavs rely on NANTEC innovation to develop tech to enable their surface runs as well as keeping their improvised habitats stable.  

NANTEC is the mastermind behind the Varuna Project, run by the elusive Tadashi Takahara. On the surface, they are the lifeline of the Varuna Project, but if one were to look closer, they may be the real threat.


  • Director

  • Specialist

  • Team Lead 

  • Technician 


Scavs were initially refugees hired by the rich to do resource runs, as their lives were seen as 'expendable' by comparison to their rich counterparts. Over time, the Scavs became good at what they did, resource runs became more lucrative and they made a full trade out of doing dirty work for the rich. Now they take jobs, bounties, run requests, etc. from anyone willing to pay their price.

The Scavs are the decedents of many of the refugees who joined the Varuna Project after the disasters on the surface. As a result much of their lives are on the edge. They take what they can from the other factions and make do with what they can reuse and recycle. In the last few years it has become a survivable thing to make short trips to the surface and the scavs, with little to lose, have begun to make the risk to see what salvage they can bring down to boost their resources. 


  • Fixer 

  • Runner

  • Merc

  • Scav


When the Varuna Project was established, it was marketed as the most exclusive resort on Earth. It was targeted for the richest of the rich, and as such membership and holdings within the Varuna Project became a status symbol for the financial elite. Residents of the Project were treated to world-class dining and entertainment, state-of-the-art hospitality and cutting-edge technological advancements.

The Corpos have money to spare, have their fingers in all sorts of industries, and are highly catered to by the Facility. 


  • Chairman - these are high-ranking members of their corporations, together the sitting chairmen make many of the decisions which impact day to day life within the city. 

  • Management 

  • Personnel

  • Intern