The Combat System for The Varuna Project is custom-designed for simplicity and ease of use in order to enhance your roleplay experience. Of course, provided all parties consent in a combat scenario, free-form combat and roleplay is permitted.

How Do?

Combat is initiated by the attacker. The attacker will roll the corresponding dice associated with attack method on their character sheet, and the defender will roll their defense. Success is determined by the higher roll. Upon a successful hit, the target takes one damage from their HP.

The HUD for Varuna is intended to be a supplement to storytelling and RP. It is not meant to take the place of it.  That being said the rules of combat are simple.  


For any roll, you roll a base of 1d6, +1d6 per skill rank.

You have a handful of HP according to your Rank 


No Rank = 1HP 

Rank 1 = 2HP 

Rank 2 = 3HP 

Rank 3 = 4HP 

Rank 4 = 5HP 


You are considered knocked out when you are at zero HP.  Any other consequences of the fight are to be negotiated as normal. 


Each post you have a chance to defend from the last attack and make your own attack. Each attack is either ranged or melee and always rolls against the targets body armor or acrobatics.  

Healing & Recovery (Outside of Combat)

Healing attempts succeed on a seven (7) outside of combat. A player can regain up to one (1) HP per day naturally*,  for anything additional a player must see a med/tech..

*This is separate from combat healing - in combat, a person can recover up to two HP in a combat scene with successful healing rolls. Healing one's self or another player takes an entire post round and no other action can be taken during healing attempts.


There are no combat NPC's permitted. Sim-sanctioned NPC's will be represented on sim with their stats placed clearly visible. 

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The Varuna Project is a fictional story invented by roleplayers of the community. Any similarities of copyrighted material are purely coincidental.