Character Creation

The Varuna Project leverages a 5-level D6 combat and character system. Upon creation, players have twenty (20) points they may distribute across the stat-list, with a maximum of ONE stat at level 3. Each level gains an additional 1d6 on all skill checks related to that stat. 

Every skill has an opposed check: either a corresponding skill on their opposing player's stat list, or a task complexity with a target success roll. This can be determined either by the players in the scene, or by a game master. 


At character creation you may distribute twenty points across the below skills with ONE at a max level 3:
You may make a copy of this character sheet google doc to use while you build.

Melee Attack (Armed, Unarmed)

Punching, Kicking, or using weapons that stab, slash, or bludgeon.

Ranged Combat (Guns, thrown, etc.)

Shooting, throwing etc.


Running, jumping, swimming, physical endurance.

Software / Hacking

Software / Hacking: Developing software or viruses. Breaking into systems. 


Jumping, dodging, parkour.

Body Armor

Ability to repel damage.


Health.  Your HP value is equal to 1+ your ranks in the skill.


Lifting, pulling, carrying.

Sleight of Hand

Pickpocketing, fine motor control, deceptive small scale movements.


Hiding, moving quietly.


Resistance to Illness, poisons, drugs.


Mental fortitude, resistance to persuasion


Scares people.


Convinces people.


Lie to people and get away with it.


5 senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting. 


Finding a trail, picking up clues to direction.

Piloting (Transportation)

Driving, controlling a machine, piloting a submarine.


Personal security, resistance to hacking 

Software / Hacking

Developing software or viruses. Breaking into systems. 

Circuitry / Cybernetics

Small scale working on detailed circuit boards, hardware, or parts for cybernetics. 

Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical)

Working on large scale machines, vehicles, or the facility itself.  


Ability to diagnose illness, treat injuries, understand what medicine something needs.


Create substances. Drugs, medicine, bombs, etc. 

Influence / Notoriety

Your level of fame, your ability to pull strings and know people.


Your ability to read people's expressions and intentions.  (This is NOT mind reading!)


How much money and/or resources you have at your disposal.


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The Varuna Project is a fictional story invented by roleplayers of the community. Any similarities of copyrighted material are purely coincidental.