About Us...

If you're curious,


This sim is designed to fill some much-needed gaps in the Second Life role-play scene. Combining a lifelong love of the aquatic and a (believe it or not not Cyberpunk-related) fascination with futurism The Varuna Project was born. What makes TVP stand out from other sims?

An engaged build team with a setting which will adapt to roleplay.

Let's get real. My favorite thing about Second Life is the fact that we can build fantastic settings in which we could never go in reality. I love to build, and once this build is done, I'm not going to buy another sim. So I want you to drive what happens next. I want players to create their own narrative and let the world around them adapt. 

Player-created Factions.

We've got some standard sim-sanctioned factions which are necessary to keep the plot going. However, if you and some friends would like to band together to create a corporation, a gang, business, club or otherwise...do! Talk to the sim staff once you're organized and we'll even help you advertise for it. We want you to have some badass roleplay, here. 

OOC Rules vs. IC Laws

This one might be a disaster, but if you know me, I'm up for failing terrifically so we're going to give it a shot. The OOC sims rules are non-negotiable, however we will also have IC laws which each faction enforces in their own way. These laws are subject to change and with a little staff coordination we will help get the word out. 

Other things.

Look. We're here to have a good time. We think you'll have a good time, too.