Welcome to the Varuna Project

The year is 2131. It's been 43 years since the grid went down on the surface: the turning point modern historians are marking as the end of civilization on Earth.

For a select lucky few, however, that day was like many others. For two thousand feet below the water's surface, life aboard the Varuna Project Research Bay & Resort went on as it had for the past few decades...though plans were already being figured to deal with refugees from the plagued and dying surface.

Today, those that bought a life in Varuna live

begrudgingly atop those that made a refuge of the prestigious resort. The longer society revolves around the elusive NANTEC research bay, however, the more sinister their research appears. Has it been this way all along? 

A Private Second Life Roleplay Community

The Varuna Project is a fictional story invented by roleplayers of the community. Any similarities of copyrighted material are purely coincidental. 

The Varuna Project : Scifi Subnautica Cy